Farm Life & Animals

Diverse life on the farm

Mountain farm in South Tyrol

Family holiday

A farm with livestock farming, like ours, lives off its animals. What is everyday life for us farmers can be an unforgettable discovery for you, which will make the holiday a truly enriching experience for your family. At Kehrerhof, you’ll get to know authentic South Tyrolean agriculture up close and receive an exciting. Our farm animals will quickly capture your children’s hearts and teach them a lot about life.

Eventful family holidays

Animal friends

Besides our cows, we have animals to pet who are trusting and look forward to new visits, including our two farm dogs, Luna, Lilli and Rex, as well as our cats and hens. Upon consultation with us, they can gladly be fed. In this way, children assume playful responsibility and mature through this small but beautiful task. It’s quite possible that, during your holiday, new baby animals will also be born. Naturally, you can also watch us go about our work in the stable over our shoulders. We are happy to explain the specifics of traditional dairy farming.

Where children can still be children

Fun and games

We can already promise you one thing right now: At Kehrerhof, you won’t get bored any time soon! Pet and feed the animals at our farm, explore a rich plant world, or check out the stable – there’s always something to do to make your farm holiday in South Tyrol a fulfilling time, besides the many other opportunities for active vacationers. At Kehrerhof, children can really let off steam – their thirst for adventure and their urge to move face no limits.

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